What size SIM Card does a Samsung Galaxy S10 use?

In this guide, we will explore what the correct SIM card size is for Galaxy S10, how to insert SIM Card into Galaxy S10, how to use two SIM Cards in Galaxy S8 and so on.

SIM cards are small chips made out of brass and they just store subscriber information. SIM is basically the acronym for subscriber identity module, so it’s a chip that allows the network to identify who you are and it also helps you others understand your origin too.

The first SIM cards were created back in 1991. And it was mostly developed to allow people to identify themselves within the global system of mobile communications, also called GSM.  It’s definitely a great thing for us and it makes it easier for networks to identify our location and bill us correctly.

SIM cards come in a multitude of sizes, however only a few of them are actually known to be used on a day to day basis. Even if the size of SIM cards has changed quite a bit, the reality is that it’s quite interesting to see how all these changes came to be. It’s something very unusual and impressive!

What size SIM Card does a Samsung Galaxy S10 use?


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