How to Unlock Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Bootloader Easily

Similar with other smartphone company makers, now Xiaomi is offering support on bootloader unlocking procedures. So, if you’ve bought the latest phone from Xiaomi the Mi Note 2 then you might be searching for a method that can be used for unlocking the bootloader of your smartphone.Xiaomi Mi Note 2 BootloaderXiaomi Mi Note 2 is a powerful smartphone which means that you can easily customize it with MOD and ROMs and you will not face with any lag or freezing issues. But, at first you need to unlock Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Bootloader and then you will be able to start customizing it.

However, if you are a newbie at Xiaomi or Android devices then you might now know what is Bootloader? Well, the bootloader loads the OS and in built programs and features which are located on the ROM memory. Also, it is an in built feature, which does not let you perform unoffical operations. So, once you will unlock Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Bootloader you will be able to root Xiaomi Mi Note 2, install custom recovery images such as CWM, TWRP, pHilz, custom ROMs, kernels and other customization files.

How to Unlock Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Bootloader

  • At first, you need to apply for the bootloader unlocking permissions by going directly to this official site which is offered by Xiaomi.
  • When, you have applied for unlocked process you need to download the latest version of Mi Unlock tool from our site.
  • Now, grab your Xiaomi Mi Note 2 smartphone and log in with the Mi account that you have used for the bootlaoder unlocking process. Also, switch on “Find My Device” service in your Xiaomi Mi Note phone. (Log in with mobile number instead of mail id).
  • Once, you have signed in with Mi account, you need to go to directly to the site. From there, log in with the Mi account and within a few minutes you will receive a message on your phone where can be found the verification code.Couldn’t Verify Device
  • Type the verification code and you will have a verified Mi Cloud account.
  • Then, you need to wait for a day, and then you can continue with the steps from below.Couldn’t Verify Device
  • Welcome again, now launch the Mi unlock tool and sign in with same Mi account. Do not forget to sign in with your mobile number instead of mail Id.
  • Now, there will be a list, so check if your Xiaomi Mi Note 2 device is connected.
  • If so, grab your Xiaomi phone and go to developer option and enable OEM unlock and USB Debugging. Check how to Enable Developer Options & USB Debugging on MIUI 8
  • In the end open Mi Unlock Tool, make sure you have signed with your Mi account and from there click on the Unlock button.

Perfect; Now you know how to easily unlock Xiaomi Mi Note 2 bootloader using the steps from above. If you have any questions do not ever hesitate to use the comments box section.