How to Turn Off Bixby on Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus with Ease

This guide can be used for all of those who are interested on knowing how to disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus with ease. Say hello to Samsung’s new phone assistant called Bixby. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus come with many new features and upgrades and one of them is Bixby virtual assistant.Bixby Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 S5

According to Samsung, Bixby is the best and most intelligent virtual assistant right now, feature which makes it special from Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and even the Amazon Echo. Bixby isn’t a search engine but it plays an important role on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices.

However, there are people that might not like Bixby AI and they are searching if it exists a way to turn off Bixby on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. If so, then I have a good news for you as you can easily disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S8 using two methods without root access.

How to Disable Bixby on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

  1. First of all, you need to download Package Disabler Pro (Samsung) from Play Store which costs around $1.54 but you can download it for free from here.
  2. Then install in on your Samsung Galaxy S8 device.
  3. Launch app, and from there delete all services that have to do with Bixby.
  4. In the end just reboot your phone and enjoy longer battery life.

Method 2

This method will disable Bixby via the Home button which means that you won’t be able to launch it via the Home button but the Bixby app will be still running on your device.

  1. Grab your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus.
  2. Then, press the home screen of your phone for a few seconds. Remove Bixby Galaxy S8
  3. Now, swipe to the left side and tap the toggle to turn off Bixby which is located on top of the right side.
  4. Now, go back to the home screen and you’re done.

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Congratulations; These were all the steps that you had to take in order to disable or turn off Bixby on Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus successfully. In case you have any questions do not hesitate to use the comments section.