Tango vs Skype ? Which one you shoud use

Nowadays smartphones usage is on the rise, and now People are using Instant messages to connect to their friends every day. Call rates are very expensive now There are a lot of video calling apps that are available for download for Android, iOS and Windows Phone such Tango, Skype, Whats Up, Viber, Google Hangouts, Line and Facebook Messenger.

So Today we’re going to compare Tango vs Skype. Tango and Skype are the best-known application for VoIp (Voice Over Ip). You can make calls all around the world with the lowest call rates.

Tango vs Skype? Which one you should use


Skype is the first Voice Over Ip service. Sometimes call quality wasn’t very good, but now It has improved a lot since it launched years ago.
Over 250 million people are using Skype to stay in touch with the friends. It provides us video chat and video call, file transfer from Computers, mobile devices and also tablets.

The best of all it’s that you can buy credit to make calls to¬†landlines and mobile phones, for very cheap rates.


Tango is another messaging app that’s is very easy to use. It allows you to make Video Calls using your Front-Facing camera and send messages to all around the world, it doesn’t matter where they are.

Tango offers for users excellent features such you can play games, apply filters on videos calls and also It includes group chatting. Tango works in Android and iOS devices.
If we compare Skype with Tango. You can make out calls with Skype while with Tango you can’t.

Tango vs Skype – In my opinion, Skype is the best app which lets you make video calls with High Quality and send instant messages.

What do you think Tango vs Skype Who is the best?