How to Take a Long Screenshot on MIUI 8 Easily

Xiaomi has released the MIUI 8 update for its phones. This update is being considered one of the biggest update since Xiaomi has started developing smartphones. MIUI 8 comes with many features such as: New design, introducing Second space, dual app support for most apps, long screenshots, new calculator, introducing Quick ball, new templates for notes, redesigned Gallery, Smart menu for editing text and lot more.

So, if you have updated your Xiaomi phone to the latest MIUI version and now you’re wondering how to take a long screenshot on MIUI 8 then this article is just for you. Taking a long screenshot on MIUI 8 is a must if you really want to fix a software error on your smartphone or when you want to save a large document. Once, you have captured the screen you can edit it with different effect and then you can share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

This operation can be completed even if you are not an Android specialist or developer which means that this operations is not complex and risky. Furthermore, taking a MIUI 8 long screenshot is official from Xiaomi so, the warranty of your phone will not get void.

How to Take a Long Screenshot on MIUI 8

  • Grab your phone and go to the area you want to take a long screenshot.
  • When ready, press and hold all Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds.
  • Then, an animation will be displayed at the right top corner, tap on it within 5 seconds.
  • Now, there will displayed a button named Extend, tap on it if you want to take the long screenshot on MIUI 8.
  • Scroll down until you want to take screenshot and when you’re done tap on the stop option.
  • In the end pres the home key, and the captured screen can be accessed by swiping down the notification panel which sometimes is also known as notification bar. Also, you can check the screenshot by going directly to gallery.

Congratulations; Now you’ve learned how to take a long screenshot on MIUI 8. If you have comments place them on the comments section from below.