Why Samsung Galaxy S7 Sucks and Should You buy It?

Today, Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and its brother the Galaxy S7 Edge at the MWC event in Barcelona (Spain). Both phones have impressive features such as water resistant, expandable storage up to 200GB, always-on screen and a better battery life. Samsung has not confirmed anything about the price but is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB will cost around 750$ which costs 50$ less than Galaxy S6.Samsung Galaxy S7 Sucks

In this article we will discus why Samsung Galaxy S7 sucks and Should You buy it? However we promise you that we will create a new article for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge features soon. There is only one reason why it sucks and I hope that in the next S line generation this thing will be fixed.

No Removable Battery

Since the Galaxy S7 is water resistant it doesn’t mean that it has removable battery as Samsung Galaxy S5. Unfortunately, the newest Samsung phone it doesn’t have a removable battery, so you personally can not add an extra battery into phone in case you will damage the battery. You have to send the phone to an Samsung repair shop in order to get back the life of your phone.

Should I buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

In my opinion, You should wait a few weeks or why not some months and the prices of the newest Samsung phones will drop and you will not lose much money as the Samsung Galaxy S7 now for now costs at least 750$ while S7 Edge 850$.

What is your opinion, why Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge Sucks? Share with us and our reader using the comments box.