LG G6 Which Sim Card Size do I need + SIM Guide (Solved)

LG’s next flagship smartphone, the G6 has just been released and many people are interested to buy it as soon as possible. This year LG G6 comes with a major of different features, capabilities and also with an awesome design. LG G6 comes with slim bezels and curved corners, delivering a great screen-to-body ratio.LG G6 Sim Card SizeIf you are planning to buy LG G6 or your already bought it then now you may be searching for information about LG G6 Sim Card Size in order to make calls, text messages and so on. Well, the market offers three different sizes: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM. Do not worry as they all do the same job but are just different in shape and size.

So, if you aren’t sure enough or have dilemma that what size is the LG G6 SIM card then without any hesitation check the guide from below to make sure now and forever.

LG G6 Which Sim Card Size do I need (Solved)

LG G6 requires a Nano-SIM Card format.

However, if you still have an another sim card type such as Standard SIM or Micro SIM then you can cut it using a Sim Card Cutter tool which you can buy for a small price from Amazon.

Note: We aren’t responsible if you will damage Sim Card during the cutting process.

In case you do not want to perform the above operation you can grab your current sim card type and contact your carrier to have a Nano-Sim Card. This can cost money but usually is done for free for customers of the mobile network you’re using.

How to Remove/Insert a LG G6 SIM Card

  1. Grab your LG G6 and power it off completely.
  2. Then, grab your Sim eject tool which can be found on your LG G6 phone’s box.
  3. Now, insert the ejection pin into the hole on the card tray.
  4. When you are done; pull out the card tray with your fingers.
  5. Next, put the SIM card on the card tray with the gold-colored contacts
    facing downwards.
  6. In the end, just insert the card tray back into the slot.


  • Ensure that the card is in the correct position and keep the card tray level when inserting it into your phone.
  • Be careful not to hurt yourself or damage your phone when using the SIM eject pin.

Congratulations; Now you know the exact the LG G6 sim card size type. If you have any questions use the comments section and we’ll try to assist you as soon as possible.