What Size is the Huawei P10 SIM Card + SIM Guide

There are numerous reports that Huawei P10 and P10 Plus are the best selling phones from Huawei flagship till now. If you have changed your previous device with Huawei P10 | P10 Plus then you may me searching what size is the Huawei P10 Sim Card. Huawei P10 Sim Card SizeA Sim Card has the role to identify your phone on a cellular network. With the help of a SIM Card you can make calls, send text messages, verify Facebook, Twitter, Google + accounts and so on.

In market there exist three different sim card types: Standard SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM. They all do the same job which means that they are different differ from each other in terms of shape and size.

Thus, if you have dilemma that what size card size is required for your Huawei P10 SIM card then without any hesitation check the guide from below to make sure now and forever. Also, in this this guide we’ll show you how to remove and install Huawei P10 Sim Card so, what are you waiting about?

What Size is the Huawei P10 SIM Card

Both Huawei P10 | P10 Plus require a type of Nano Sim Card

If you still have an another sim card type such as Standard SIM or Micro SIM then you can cut it using a Sim Card Cutter tool which you can buy for a small price from Amazon. However, if you don’t want to use this operation for any reasons then you can then you can request a new Sim Card from your mobile operator, that can cost money but usually is done for free.

Huawei P10/Plus SIM Card Guide

  1. Take your Huawei P10 or P10 Plus and power it off completely.
  2. Then, grab your Sim eject tool which can be found on your Huawei P10 phone’s box.
  3. Now, to remove or insert the Nano SIM Card you need to remove the SIM card tray with the help of SIM eject tool. So, insert the SIM eject tool into a small hole next to the card tray.Huawei P10 Sim Card Size
  4. When you’re done; insert the Nano SIM Card into the Card try.
  5. In the end, just insert the card tray back into your phone in the correct orientation.


  • Ensure that the card is in the correct position and keep the card tray level when inserting it into your phone.
  • Be careful not to hurt yourself or damage your phone when using the SIM eject pin.

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That’s it; Now you know how to what size is the Huawei P10 Sim Card. If you have any questions do not hesitate to use the comments box.