How to Disable Passcode on Apple iWatch

iWatch is a smartwatch developed by Apple Inc. It’s well designed, with a great look. It is compatible with devices running iOS 8.2 and later such as iPhone 5, 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The Apple iWatch has great and unique features, one of them is also the passcode. The passcode helps users to protect their data being stolen from bad people.

The Passcode is requested when you

  1.  Reboot your Apple Watch
  2.  Lock the Watch
  3.  Remove the Apple watch from your wrist

In  my opinion, it’s boring to enter the passcode almost every moment when you use it. So here is the guide how to disable Apple watch passcode for Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

How to Disable Passcode on Apple iWatch

The first method is to disable passcode from the Apple Watch itself.

1. Open the Apple Watch

2. Go to Setting app icon and Tap it.

3. Then go to Passcode

4. Now tap Disable Passcode

The second method to disable passcode on Apple iWatch is from your iPhone.

1. At first go to Apple Watch on your iPhone

2. Then tap on My Watch

3. Now select Passcode

4. And then tap Select Turn off Passcode.

If you forgot the passcode for your Apple Watch here is another way how to disable passcode on Apple iWatch

How to remove passcode on Apple iWatch by erasing data

Note: All data of the Apple iWatch will be deleted, but you can restore them if you launch Apple Watch App on your iPhone and then you tap Restore from Backup.

1. Make sure you have connected both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

2. Open Apple Watch App and then select My Watch

3. Select General > Reset

4. Now you have to select Erase All Content and Settings and then select again to confirm your action.

If you have any problem how to disable Passcode on Apple iWatch tells us in the comment box.

  • Adrian Dukhan

    I cannot disable the passcode on my Apple Watch with OS 2.1 and iPhone 6 iOS 9.2.1. On the watch itself the disable passcode is disabled so I cannot select it. On the phone using the watch app I can select to put the simple passcode off but then on the watch it prompts me for my passcode. After entering my passcode it asks me to enter a new passcode. When entering a new passcode the watch just hangs there. I need to hit cancel to be able to use the watch l