Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Turn On/Boot Up – How To Fix It? (Solved)

Our Samsung phones such as Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are crucial to our existence and for many of us, our smartphones are essentially the center of our universe, making it very hard to survive without them. When a Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on/boot up, this can cause any number of problems, especially for those who rely on their smartphone for any number of aspects of their daily routine.Galaxy S8 Won't Turn OnWhen your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on/boot up, it is time to consider potential solutions for this issue. Fortunately, there are a wide range of remedies for this problem, all of which cost you nothing more than a few moments of your time. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the following solutions for this incredibly frustrating problem.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Turn On/Boot Up

  1. Restart The Device

This is a solution that is tried, tested and true and for very good reason, as it is typically the easiest one to implement. Sometimes, a Samsung Galaxy S8 that refuses to turn on or boot up may simply need a restart in order to re-calibrate itself and return to its normal level of functionality.

One of the more common mistakes that people make when Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on or boot up is relying on expensive repair services when the easiest solutions are readily available to them. Before you attempt to implement any of the other solutions on this list, be sure to take a moment to restart the device, so that you can avoid the embarrassment of spending big on a more complicated solution.

  1. Charge Your Device

Do you rely on your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone to get you through each day? Are you regularly allowing your battery to dwindle down to its lowest ebb? If this sounds like you, then you may need to fully charge your device in order to keep it from experiencing problems related to its ability to turn on or boot up.

There are always going to be moments when we cannot access a charger for our Samsung phones, but if your Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t turn on/boot up, this can be a sign that you are not keeping your device charged. Take a look at your level of battery power and charge the device if necessary.

  1. Check The Phone’s USB Cable To Ensure That It Is Working

There are also instances where the phone itself is functioning in a perfectly reasonable manner, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not booting up or turning on because of a lack of battery power. If you’re the type to remain cognizant of your battery power at all times and charge your phone consistently, this can be quite confusing.

A faulty USB cable could be to blame for your phone’s inability to turn on and boot up. In some instances, it may be in your best interests to borrow a USB cable from a friend or family member, in order to find out whether it is your USB cable that is causing the problem or something more severe.

  1. Remove The Micro SD Card

In some cases, a phone’s inability to turn on or boot up could be caused by a faulty micro SD card. By removing the micro SD card from your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and attempting to turn on or boot up the device without it, you have the chance to isolate the problem and find out whether it is being caused by equipment related issues.

If you wish to find out whether the micro SD card is to blame before shelling out for a new one, you can always borrow one from a friend or loved one, so that you can see if the phone or the card is to blame for the problems that you are experiencing.

  1. Boot into the Recovery Mode

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 has settings that are designed to assist you with problems associated with a device that won’t turn on/boot up. Thanks to the recovery mode function on your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus phone, you have the ability to simply boot the device up in recovery mode, which allows you to troubleshoot the issue.

By booting into the recovery mode, you can take a closer look at the true problem. Maybe your cache is full or perhaps they are other minor concerns that can be addressed that allow your device to function as normal again. This solution gives you a chance to find out more before seeking a more intensive remedy.

  1. Perform a Hard Reset

This is your nuclear option, the one that you will select when all other options have failed and you are looking for an immediate change in your fortunes. A hard reset allows the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone to revert to its initial factory settings.

Not only that, a hard reset can also undo any damage to the phone that you have inadvertently caused by downloading faulty apps or refusing to apply updates in a timely fashion. While the aforementioned solutions can certainly help, this is a great “when all else fails” option.

Congratulations; Now you know how to successfully fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Won’t Turn On or Boot Up. If you have any questions use the comments box without any hesitation.