How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 that’s not Charging & other Charging Problems

When your preferred Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus phone refuses to hold a charge in the manner that you’ve become accustomed to, it can be difficult to remedy the issue and it can also be immensely frustrating. This is especially for those of us who are not well versed in the concept of smartphone repair.Samsung Galaxy S8 not ChargingSometimes, a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus may simply begin to stop charging without experiencing any other issues. If problems like these arise, we are often left scrambling for solutions. After all, a phone that cannot or will not charge can be very problematic and cause us to experience difficulty in our home or work life.

So what can you do when your Samsung Galaxy S8 is not charging/slow charging? Going out to buy a new one or springing for an expensive repair is not always in the cards and when your phone doesn’t charge the way you’re used to or won’t charge at all, the following tips and pointers are here to point you into the right direction and help you fix the issue with minimal fuss.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 that’s not Charging Problem

#1. Check The Power Adapter For Any Damages

The first area of concern that you will need to investigate is your power adapter. Any sort of damage that has taken place typically causes the Samsung Galaxy S8 to charge much less slowly and if you have an older adapter, there may be damages that are not even visible to the naked eye.

Take the time to examine the power adapter and look closer at the cords. Are they frayed? Are there any kinks? If there is fraying in the wires and the inner cables are exposed, this could be causing your issue and this is a problem that may be fixable with the use of commonly found items (such as electrical tape).

The port of the adapter could also be experiencing difficulties and you may want to take a closer look to ensure that there is no dust or debris trapped inside. When the port does not properly connect with the Samsung Galaxy S8, this can often be the cause of your not charging/slow charging.

#2. Check The USB Charging Cable

So you have already checked the power adapter and you are reasonably confident that there are not any damages that have taken place. While you may be wondering what to do next, the USB charging cable is the area that you will need to concern yourself with going forward.

A faulty charging cable is one of the most common culprits when it comes to not charging/slow charging Samsung Galaxy S8 phones. Cables tend to become damaged over the course of time and this damage may even take place in a manner that is essentially imperceptible.

The charging cable itself could need some minor repairs and if the cable has begun to show signs of wear and tear, you may need a new one or you might be able to fix this issue by heading to your local hardware store and purchasing the right electrical tape to address the problem.

#3. Clean USB Port

USB ports tend to attract a significant amount of dust and debris and when this dust and debris is allowed to accumulate over the course of time, your charger may stop functioning as expected. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to clean the port that are safe and easy to implement.

You can start by using a can of compressed air. This is great for cleaning a USB port that has too much dust inside, while a cotton swab with a dab of alcohol is the preferred method when there are stickier messes inside of the port.

It does not matter what concentration of alcohol you use and it is in your best interests to blow out all of the bigger dust bunnies before you begin the cleaning process. If you clean the port with alcohol, do not turn the phone back on until the alcohol has been given a sufficient chance to dry.

#4. Change Your Charging Method

In some instances, the way that you choose to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 can have a dramatic effect on its ability to gain a full battery that lasts over the course of a day. For example, if you are used to placing the Samsung Galaxy S8 on one specific charger, you may want to alter your strategy.

A phone like Samsung Galaxy S8 that’s charging or charging slowly may need to be placed on a car charger instead of a household charger or you might have to make the switch to a wireless charger instead.

Using as many charging methods as possible allows you to diagnose the issue without having to rely on the assistance of an expensive technician. Don’t leave anything to chance and be sure to plug your phone into a wall charger, car charger or use a wireless charger before proceeding onward to more costly repair methods.

Congratulations; These were all the tips that you had to take in order to fix a Samsung Galaxy S8 that’s not Charging or Slow Charging. If you have any questions do not never hesitate to use the comments box.