Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Speaker not Working, No Sound and Audio Problems

We rely on our Samsung phones for a great deal of assistance throughout the day and when we need to hear important phone calls or want to listen to music, being forced to deal with Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker not working/no audio problems can be extremely problematic, especially when we cannot isolate the source of the issue that is taking place.Galaxy S8 Speaker Not WorkingIf you are struggling to find solutions for Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker not working or no audio, there are a wide range of helpful remedies for this problem and you can address the issue with relative ease. When your Samsung Galaxy S8 speakers are not working or you are not receiving audio from your phone, the following tips and pointers allow you to make this problem a thing of the past, so be sure to read on and learn more.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Speaker not Working, No Sound and Audio Problems

  1. Restart The Device

Sometimes, the easiest solution is the one that is right under your nose. In some instances, we often make the mistake of immediately jumping to a more complicated conclusion, when the simplest solution is the one that will work best. So how does this logic affect those of us who are forced to ensure a speaker not working/no audio coming from our Samsung phones?

In some cases, all you need to do is restart the device and it will reset the audio issues for you. While an audio issue can be an indicator of a far more serious issue, there is no reason to immediately jump to conclusions. Before you try any of the other solutions on our list, please take a moment to try the most obvious solution first.

  1. Make Sure Your Samsung Phone Isn’t On Silent

We are often forced to adjust the volume on our Samsung Galaxy S8 phones for a variety of different reasons and when we turn the volume on silent for work purposes or to focus our attention on family and friends, we forget that we altered our settings. This leads to us wondering why our phones are not working in the manner that we have become accustomed to, especially from an audio standpoint.

If you are the type of person who regularly puts their phone on silent and you are experiencing difficulties related to your speakers and your audio, this could be a sign that you have not gone back into your settings to make the proper adjustment. Have you already restarted the device? If so, check the volume settings and make sure the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not on silent.

  1. Make Sure The Volume Is All The Way Up

This is another common solution that goes neglected and has a lot to do with our willingness to alter our Samsung phone’s settings and keep track of them going forward. There are instances where we may have turned the volume down on our phones for a variety of reasons and when this happens, we may not realize that we have adjusted the settings until it is too late.

While some of us will simply press the mute button when we need the volume to be turned down, there are others who will turn their volume down to a whisper. Before embarking on a more serious journey for assistance, you need to exhaust every possible option, so take a closer at the volume settings on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and make sure that it is all the way up.

  1. Make Sure Your Phone Isn’t Stuck On Headphones Mode

Maybe you have a job that allows you to listen to music through headphones at your desk or perhaps you are the type of person who likes to be gracious to your fellow commuters by not forcing them to endure whatever your musical selections might be that day. Headphones mode can be a godsend during the course of a work day or a commute, but when you forget to turn headphones mode off, problems are caused.

Do you rely on headphones mode on a daily basis? Are you experiencing problems associated with Samsung Galaxy S8 speaker not working/no audio problems? This could be an indicator that you have left your Samsung phone on headphones mode and that you need to adjust this setting in order to return your phone to its proper working order.

  1. Clean the Speaker

Last but certainly not least, you can always clean the speakers of your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone if you have tried all of the other solutions and they are not working. If you have owned the phone for a long period of time, there could be a natural buildup of dirt and grime that is causing the speakers not to work.

Dust and oil could be the culprit and even something as simple as water could also be to blame. Take the proper precautions and clean your speakers carefully, so that you are not placing your phone in any sort of unnecessary jeopardy during the cleansing process.

Congratulations; You’ve learned how to successfully fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Speaker not Working, No Sound and Audio Problems with ease. If you have any questions do not hesitate to use the comments box.