How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps Restarting Problem (Solved)

This guide can be used for all of those who are interested to solve of fix Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps Restarting Problem with ease. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus smartphone user, having a phone that restarts or reboots on its own can be one of the most maddening experiences that you are ever going to have. Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps RestartingWorking on important files only to have them lost because of a malfunction that you cannot control is infuriating and so is having calls drop in the middle of a crucial conversation.

While your first instinct might be to smash the phone into smithereens or change over to a new company, your Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps restarting/rebooting for a very good reason. If you are having a restarting problem that you cannot address on your own, read on to learn more about the best ways to fix the issue without causing any added stress.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps Restarting Problem (Solved)

#1. Close All of the Apps That Are Running In The Background

Are you someone that likes to have a lot of apps running in the background? If so, this could certainly be the cause of your Samsung Galaxy S8 restarting/rebooting related issues and by closing your excess apps, your restarting problems may be fixed with a very minimal amount of effort.

We tend to treat our Samsung smartphones differently from our computers and when we allow ourselves to become complacent about the number of apps that we run, this can cause the phone to become overworked. An overworked Samsung Galaxy S8 usually starts to shut itself down as a defense mechanism.

#2. Update The Applications You’ve Purchased From The Play Store

So maybe you’re not running too many apps at once and you’re conscious of this fact. If you are still experiencing with Samsung Galaxy S8 restarting/rebooting related problems, this could be a sign that you need to update all of the applications that you have purchased or downloaded from the Play Store.

If your apps are not updated in a timely fashion, your Samsung Galaxy S8 will often begin to restart itself without your knowledge or consent, so if you are someone who relies on apps in order to carry out your daily tasks, take the time to update them regularly for best results.

#3. Remove Your SD Card

Samsung Galaxy S8 Restarting/rebooting problems could be caused by a corrupted SD card and this is one of the more common issues that people remain blissfully unaware of. Just imagine your embarrassment when you finally break down and bring your Samsung smartphone to a professional repair outlet, only to find out that your SD card is the culprit.

Remove the SD card to find out whether this is the cause of your restarting problems and it never hurts to replace your current SD card with a different one to see if this is the fix that you need. You’ll be glad you utilized this very simple solution, as opposed to something more complicated.

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#4. Perform a Virus and Malware Check

Performing a virus and malware check on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone is not something that you should only be doing once the phone starts to experience issues. This is an aspect of maintenance that should be conducted on a regular basis and those who are proactive will already have a routine established when it comes to safeguarding themselves from viruses and malware.

After all, you wouldn’t expect a computer that has not been checked by viruses and malware to function at its best, right? So why would you treat your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone any differently? Make virus and malware checks a regular routine and if you are having a restarting problem, viruses and malware may to be blame.

#5. Update Your Phone’s Software

Trying to use a phone that is running on old and outdated software is a recipe for disaster and if you have not updated your phone’s software recently, you are definitely asking for trouble. Taking the time to update the software on your Samsung Galaxy S8 might seem tedious, but when you are experiencing unwanted restarting/rebooting or a restarting problem, this is one of your best bets.

Some may have their phone set to update automatically, but there may be instances where these updates do not kick in on their own due to other changes that you may have made. Head to your settings and run a manual software update when you are in search of a better result than what you have been able to come up with so far.

#6. You May Need To Repair Your Samsung Phone

If you’ve exhausted all of your options and are looking for a foolproof solution for your issues, the time has come for you to rely upon the professionals who are well trained in the art of addressing your restarting/rebooting related problems.

Did you know that your problems can be fixed free of charge if you purchased a warranty for your Samsung Galaxy S8? There is no reason to struggle with a faulty smartphone on your own, especially when you have the chance to have the problem fixed at zero cost.

Congratulations; Now you know all the methods which might fix Samsung Galaxy S8 keeps restarting or rebooting problem. If in case you have any questions do not hesitate to use the comments box.