Fix Pokemon Go Stuck on Loading Screen & Camera Screen

If you’ve planned to download and install Pokemon Go on your Android or iOS phone but now Pokemon Go stuck on loading screen or camera screen then you would be able to make your wish come true today.Pokemon Go Stuck on Loading Screen

Recently, the Pokemon Go players have reported that Pokemon Go stuck on loading screen while some other have reported that it stuck on camera screen. If you are on them who is facing with one of those issues then you are in the right article.

The Niantic company has released the Pokemon Go 0.29.2 version but unfortunately, this update has not fixed yet those issues which for many Pokemon Go player are very boring since they can not play their long-waited game.

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In our list we have included the possible solutions which can fix not only the Pokemon Go Stuck on Loading & Camera screen issues but also other loop problems.

Fix Pokemon Go Stuck on Loading Screen & Camera Screen

  • Try restarting your Android or iOS phone. It is recommended to restart the device in order to disable unused apps & services that are running simultaneously, in this way there are chances that Pokemon Go will load without any hesitation.
  • The most effective and simple way to fix Pokemon Go won’t load is to reinstall Pokemon Go on your phone. However, in this case you should install Pokemon Go from Google Play Store or App Store and not from third party websites.
  • If you have not fixed Pokemon Go stuck on loading screen yet, then the most likely cause to this issue could be your internet connection. Try to close the app, disable WiFi connection for at least 30 seconds and then enable it again.
  • If the above solutions do not work then, you need to clear the Pokemon Go data and cache. You can easily clear data and cache by going to Settings > Application Manage (Applications) > Clear Data and Clear Cache > Force Stop.
  • If you’re trying to perform the last solution then this means that your Pokemon GO still stuck on loading screen. So, I hope that this method will work for you and you’ll be able to play the game.                                                                                            You need to ensure that all Date/Time and Time zone are set correctly.

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Congratulations; Now you have learned how to fix Pokemon Go stuck on loading screen or camera screen. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts with us or our readers do not hesitate to use the comments field from below.