How to Fix LG G6 Won’t Turn On / Boot Up Problems (Solved)

This guide can be used for those who are facing with the LG G6 Won’t Turn On / Boot Up or similar kind or problems. Our phones are a major aspect of our lives and when they won’t turn on, the resulting frustration can be difficult to overcome. Since we rely on our smartphones to handle a number of crucial daily tasks on our behalf, we cannot afford to experience lengthy periods where they won’t turn on or respond to our commands.LG G6 Wont Turn ON

Fortunately, there are several workarounds for this issue and if your LG G6 won’t turn on, we suggest taking the time to learn more about them. After all, most of us cannot afford to spend an extended period of time without a functional phone and when our mobile devices like┬áLG G6 won’t turn on, it can cause a number of other issues in other aspects of our lives. Let’s take a closer look at the following set of solutions so that you can eliminate this problem once and for all.

#1. Force Restart LG G6

A smartphone is asked to perform a great deal of tasks on a daily basis and when it won’t turn on, you may need to force a reboot to eradicate the problem. There are a number of ways to go about this task, however the easiest one is to restart the device for several seconds to see if this is able to do the trick.

If not, you may need to take a closer look at the console screen to see if there is any actual response.

#2. Plug The LG G6 device Into The Charger

In some instances, a LG G6 that won’t turn on simply needs to interact with its power source in order to restore itself to proper working condition. In some instances, a phone that is not turning on will not do so because the charger that is being used to provide power is no longer in proper working order.

By plugging a G6 that won’t turn on into the charger, this allows the owner of the device to find out whether it is the phone that is not working properly or if they need to purchase a new charger. If there is any confusion on the matter or you wish to double check, be sure to borrow a compatible charger from a friend or family member before splurging on a new one.

#3. Check The Phone’s USB Cable To Ensure That It Is Working

If there is nothing wrong with the LG G6 phone itself or the phone’s charger and it still won’t turn on, this could be a sign that the phone’s USB cable is not in proper working order. When a LG G6 won’t turn on, this is often attributable to a USB cable that is no longer working correctly or a damaged USB port.

Take a moment to check your phone with a friend or family member’s USB cable as well. A device that won’t turn on may not be receiving an adequate amount of charge because of a faulty USB cable and in order to find out more, you will need to take the initiative to check the cable to ensure that it is in pristine working condition.

#4. Boot into The LG G6 Recovery Mode

Sometimes, a phone may have experienced an excessive amount of trauma or damage and when this phenomenon takes place, the phone may refuse to turn on as a means of keeping itself protected from further damages. When the LG G6 won’t turn on, this could be a sign that you need to boot the device in recovery mode.

When there are instances where the person needs to retrieve certain pieces of information from a LG G6 device that won’t turn on, recovery mode often allows them to do so. This also allows a professional to diagnose the root cause of the problem if the phone’s owner is unable to.

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#5. Perform a Hard Reset

This is the nuclear option and one that should be avoided at all costs unless you are willing to sacrifice all of your personal data on a permanent basis. There is no way to perform a hard reset on the device without losing all of your data and no guarantee that this method will restore the phone back to its desired working order.

The option to perform a hard reset is located in your settings menu from recovery mode and you all need to do is to click on the ‘factory data reset’ button. Be sure to read all of the information on your screen before allowing the process to take place, so that there is zero confusion as to what is about to happen to your device and all of your personal info.

Congratulations; These were all the steps that you had to take in order to learn how to successfully fix LG G6 Won’t turn on or Boot Up problem. If you have any thing to add regarding to this issue then do not ever hesitate to use the comments field.