How to Fix LG G6 WiFi not Working and other WiFi Issues

Use this article in order to learn how to successfully fix LG G6 Wi-Fi not Working and other WiFi Issues. Nowadays, we rely on Internet access on an increasingly regular basis to help us handle any number of daily tasks. When we cannot access the Internet in key moments, this can cause a wide range of issues to take place and lead to a great deal of frustration, especially for LG G6 device owners.LG G6 WiFi not Working

Wi-Fi not working? Experiencing Wi-Fi related issues? These are problems that are all too common for those who own a LG G6 phone and fortunately, there are several methods that can be used to remedy this problem before it leads to any further problems.

Wi-Fi not working in crucial moments is often a worst case scenario for those who rely on a LG G6 device during their daily living and if this is something that you have already experienced, be sure to read on and learn more about the following list of simple solutions that you can rely on.

LG G6 Wi-Fi Not Working/Wi-Fi Issues Tips and Pointers

#1. Turn Wi-Fi On and Off

In many instances, the simplest solution to fix¬†LG G6 Wi-Fi not Working or other Wi-Fi issues is often the one that will provide the best results, so before you decide to embark on a more difficult journey, be sure to turn the device’s Wi-Fi on and off.

If Wi-Fi is not working, this easy solution can often remedy the problem before you have to consider a more complicated resolution. This solution allows you to avoid the difficulty that may be associated with some of the other pointers that are included on this list.

#2. Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

LG G6 Wi-Fi not working can cause frustration, but LG G6 users have a number of easy options available to them. Perhaps the phone keeps turning on the airplane mode accidentally, causing the device to be unable to connect to the Wi-Fi or maybe it has been stuck on airplane mode without your knowledge.

This is another simple solution that you should take a closer look at when you are experiencing Wi-Fi issues and your Wi-Fi is not working. If Wi-Fi is not working, your airplane mode settings are one of the first things to check. Toggle airplane mode on and off before considering any of the following pointers.

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#3. Check Your Power Saving Mode

While power saving mode is great for LG G6 users who wish to conserve their battery life, it can restrict the phone’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi and lead to Wi-Fi not working. The LG G6 phone’s performance is usually restricted when power saving mode has been enabled and you will need to take a closer look at this feature if Wi-Fi is not working.

Fortunately, LG G6 users have the option of choosing between regular power saving mode and ultra-power saving mode. Ultra-Power saving mode is far more likely cause LG G6 Wi-Fi to stop working, while regular power saving mode can usually be used in tandem with your Wi-Fi connection. In this way, you won’t be also faced with LG G6 crashing, freezing and lags issues which are very common nowadays.

#4. Reconnect to The Wi-Fi Network

As anyone who regularly uses a Wi-Fi connection with their smartphone can tell you, it is very convenient to be able to connect automatically. However, there are often instances where the device refuses to automatically connect and this can lead to a certain amount of frustration.

Forgetting the Wi-Fi network and disconnecting from it before reconnecting is often the perfect solution for this problem, as it allows LG G6 users to maintain Wi-Fi access without any complicated troubleshooting. Disconnect from your chosen network and re-add it when Wi-Fi is no longer working or you are experiencing LG G6 Wi-Fi issues.

#5. Restart Your Modem and Your Router

In some cases, LG G6 Wi-Fi not working will have very little to do with the performance of your LG G6 or any problems that you are having with your Internet. Sometimes, a LG G6 user whose Wi-Fi is not working must take the time to restart the modem and router in his home if he wish to experience the desired results.

Even the most high functioning modem and router tend to experience lags and crashes from time to time, so if you have already tried all of the aforementioned solution on this list and your Wi-Fi is still not working, this is a sure sign that your problem is related to the modem and router. Take a moment to restart them when you have Wi-Fi issues.

#6. Check Your Security Applications

Your usage of security applications may be restricting your ability to connect to the Wi-Fi, causing a variety of different issues that need to be addressed. If you do not know, this may restrict your usage of the Internet in a major way going forward.

Check your security application settings and make sure that you are not contributing to your own difficulties. In certain instances, your own security applications may be the cause of LG G6 Wi-Fi not working.

As you can see, there are a number of easy solutions for LG G6 Wi-Fi issues. Wi-Fi not working at a pivotal moment? Be sure to use these helpful tips and pointers to get your LG G6 device back on track.