How to Fix LG G6 Speaker not Working (No Sound)

Use this guide in order to learn how to solve LG G6 Speaker not Working Problem. Now that so many of us rely on our mobile devices to provide us with music throughout the day, turning on your LG G6 only to realize that speakers are not working and there is no audio is one of the more common annoyances that you will experience as a result of a faulty mobile device.LG G6 Speaker Problems

However, LG G6 speaker not working/no audio is not always a sign of a major problem that cannot be fixed. In many instances, this is an issue that has a number of simple explanations, if only you take the time to learn more about them. Otherwise, you are left with no ability to listen to music or even hear your incoming phone calls.

Since this is now a very common issue for LG G6 smartphone owners, the time has come to take a closer look at the problem so that we can find out more about the solutions that we may have been neglecting up until now. There is no reason to go without functional speakers and when speakers stop working and there is no audio, the following solutions can make a world of difference.

How to Fix LG G6 Speaker not Working, Sound and Audio Problems

#1. Force Restart LG G6

A smartphone is asked to perform a great deal of tasks on a daily basis and when it’s speaker is not working, you may need to force a reboot to eradicate the problem. There are a number of ways to go about this task, however the easiest one is to restart the device for several seconds to see if this is able to do the trick.

#2. Check Your LG G6 To Make Sure It Isn’t On Silent

This is one of the most obvious solutions to fix LG G6 Speaker not Working. When we are working or studying throughout the day, we will place our phones on silent and continue with our more productive pursuits, only to experience major frustration later on when we try to listen to music or answer a phone call that we cannot actually hear.

LG G6 Speaker not working? No audio coming from your phone? If so, the first thing that you will want to do is check your phone’s settings to make sure that it is not on silent. This simple fix could save you a great deal of embarrassment at a later date when you take the LG G6 to a more experienced friend or professional to assess the problem, only to have them simply adjust your settings and make you feel foolish.

#3. Make Sure That The Volume Is At The Appropriate Level

While having your phone set on silent is a problem that can be easily fixed and will often cause you to experience a lack of audio, you may also need to consider the fact that your volume is not at the appropriate level. When the LG G6 phone’s volume is turned all the way up, this can cause a number of issues as it relates to your ability to hear what is coming out of your speakers and you may experience further audio problems as well.

Be sure to check your smartphone’s volume and make sure that it is not turned all the way up. In many instances, a smartphone like LG G6 may decide to protect itself from severe damages when the volume is turned up too high, which can cause audio to stop working. Listening to your music or conversations at the highest possible level on a consistent basis is not recommended when it comes to the long term prognosis of your smartphone.

#4. Take a Closer Look At Your Headphones Mode

Wearing headphones when we want to converse on our phones in public or listen to music is considered to be a common courtesy and that is why our smartphones come equipped with a headphones mode. But when remove our smartphones from headphones mode and in the notification panel there is still the icon of headphones mode then, this can cause a number of audio related problems and lead to speakers not working.

If your audio is not working or your speakers are not working, this is one of the first aspects that you should look into more closely to make sure that you are not ignoring a highly obvious solution. So, the best way to fix this issue in this aspect is to plug in your headphones into your LG G6 smartphone and then unplug them after 10 seconds.

#5. Clean Out LG G6 Speakers

Have you already taken a closer look at the aforementioned solutions and come up empty? If so, this is a sure sign that the speaker of LG G6 is in need of cleaning. There are a number of relatively harmless issues that can be caused if you are not taking the time to clean your speakers on a regular basis, as they will naturally acquire a sizable amount of dirt and debris in your daily travels.

If LG G6 speaker is not working and none of the other solutions have proven effective, there may be dust, water or oil which is blocking the speaker and keeping sound from being able to escape. Take the time to closely investigate the speaker and make sure that there is no dust, water or oil trapped inside. You may find that your LG G6 speaker works even better than before after a good cleaning.

Congratulations; These were all the steps that you had to take in order to fix LG G6 Speaker not Working and other similar problems. If you have any questions do not hesitate to use the comments section.