How to Fix LG G6 Keeps Restarting / Rebooting Itself

Use this dedicated guide for you in order to learn how to successfully fix LG G6 Keeps Restarting / Rebooting Itself Problems. Our Android phones make our lives much easier, but when they start to malfunction, the problems that are caused can be frustrating. For example, if your LG G6 keeps restarting/rebooting itself, this is the sort of issue that can drive a person to swap out their device for a new one.LG G6 Keeps Restarting Rebooting

A phone like LG G6 will begin the process of restarting/rebooting itself for any number of reasons and some of them are easier to figure out than others. By reading on to learn more about the following solutions for a phone that is continually restarting/rebooting itself, you can finally eliminate these problems for good.

How to Fix LG G6 Keeps Restarting / Rebooting Itself Problems

#1. Close Unnecessary Apps

A LG G6 phone that is continually restarting/rebooting itself may be doing so because you are running far more apps that what is necessary. If you are running several apps at the same time, take a closer look at each of them to determine which ones are absolutely essential and which ones are not.

When the added strain of running multiple apps simultaneously starts to wear down a LG G6 phone, the phone will start to reboot itself as a defense mechanism. All it takes is one moment to close the apps that you are not currently using for the phone to function at a much higher capacity than before.

#2. Update the Applications from Play Store

The Google Play Store is a great place to obtain your chosen apps and while the Play Store can provide you with fantastic apps that make your life much easier than before, you will also need to take the right steps to keep your phone from restarting/rebooting itself.

Is your phone experiencing these sorts of issues? If so, this is a sign that you need to properly update the applications that you have obtained from the Google Play Store so that your LG G6 remains operational going forward.

#3. Remove The SD Card

Those who are going through problems related to the frequent restarting/rebooting of their LG G6 phones are urged to take a much closer look at the device’s SD card. In many cases, there is no problem taking place with the actual device and all of the issues that are causing the restarts and reboots are stemming from the SD card.

In order to find out if the problem is being caused by an SD card that has become corrupted, take a moment to place it in another device and see if the same issues arise. If so, this means that you will need to obtain a new one in order for your LG G6 phone to return to its former glory.

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#4. Check For Viruses and Malware

Since we use our LG G6 phones to surf the Internet, we tend to pick up more viruses and malware than expected and when these maladies add up over the course of time, they can cause our LG G6 phones to keep restarting/rebooting against our wishes. Viruses and malware will also lead to numerous other issues, which is why Samsung phone owners must remain proactive.

It starts with the installation of anti-virus and anti-malware software to safeguard your device and you must also check the phone on a consistent basis to make sure that there are not any festering viruses or malware waiting to rob your LG G6 phone of its day to day functionality.

#5. Update The Phone’s Software

Another solution which may fix LG G6 Keeps Restarting / Rebooting Itself Problems is to update your LG G6 to the latest Android Nougat OS. While this is a piece of advice that may seem obvious to some, you would be surprised to find out just how many LG G6 users are not taking the time to fully update their device software and experiencing unwanted freezing, lagging and restarting/rebooting as a result of these entirely avoidable decisions.

Once the LG G6 is restarting and rebooting itself regularly, this is an indication that you need to go into the phone and update its software package. In many instances, it is as simple as going into the settings and making one click, so those who do not consider themselves Samsung gurus should be able to handle the task without much difficulty, coincidentally leading us into our final piece of advice, which is….

#6. Seek Repairs From an Official LG Store

You might have a friend or family member who promises that they are the ones who can successfully repair your LG G6 when it is restarting or rebooting itself, but for the most part, it is in your best interests to seek repairs from an official LG outlet.

If your issue has yet to be fixed and you have a warranty for your LG G6 phone, you have the option of sending it to an official LG store, where they will fix the problem for free and stop your LG G6 from restarting or rebooting itself anymore. This is certainly a preferable option to having someone who is untrained attempt to fix it.

Congratulations; These were all the steps that you had to take in order to successfully fix How to Fix LG G6 keeps restarting / rebooting itself problems. If you have any questions or want to thank us for the mentioned steps use the comments section.