How to Fix LG G6 Bluetooth Problems with Ease (Solved)

This guide can be used for those who are interested to learn how to successfully fix LG G6 Bluetooth problems. While Bluetooth offers a number of benefits such as transferring files like apps, games, images, videos, documents and so on, Bluetooth not working can also cause a wide range of issues. Bluetooth works automatically on the vast majority of wireless devices, avoids interference and consumes a relatively small amount of battery juice. But when Bluetooth problems/issues arise, this causes a great deal of frustration for those who rely on this form of technology.LG Bluetooth Problems

Worst of all, it is not always easy for the owner of the Bluetooth technology to remedy the problem once it has started to take place. When LG G6 Bluetooth is not working and you are experiencing problems related to its ability to connect to your chosen devices, this problem tends to happen at a highly inopportune moment.

Fortunately, LG G6 Bluetooth problems also come with solutions, some of which are very easy to implement. Many of the issues that Bluetooth users experience are very common and Bluetooth problems/issues can be fixed in a moment’s notice if you are aware of the following remedies, so be sure to read on and learn more about these fixes for Bluetooth problems/issues.

How to Fix LG G6 Bluetooth Problems/Issues

#1. Toggle Bluetooth Off and On By Using Bluetooth Switch

In certain instances, a smart device may decide to disable your Bluetooth and a smart user must learn about the proper solutions in order to override this issue. In other instances, the LG G6 device may have been set on a power saving mode, which will also cause the Bluetooth to stop working in the manner in which you have become accustomed. As a result, this solution is one of the most simple, but as we all know, obvious solutions have a way of eluding us.

Before you decide to attempt anything more complicated when your LG G6 Bluetooth is not working, use the Bluetooth switch to toggle the Bluetooth off and on. This is the first step that should be taken as soon as LG G6 Bluetooth problems arise and will stop the Bluetooth from refusing to turn off or on. Be sure to check the Bluetooth Switch before proceeding to any of the following solutions.

#2. Restart LG G6 Device

While some might be wondering why this piece of advice is given across all devices, it is a surefire way to fix LG G6 Bluetooth problems/issues that have begun to take place. Make sure that your Bluetooth is turned on first, then determine the pairing process for your device. From there, turn on the discover-able mode and check the devices that you are trying to connect to ensure that they are close enough to each other to work properly.

A soft reset is often just what the doctor ordered and you may also want to try toggling the device into and out of airplane mode to see if that doesn’t fix your Bluetooth problems/issues. If you do not see a Bluetooth symbol at the top of the smartphone screen, this is also a sign that you need to go into the device’s settings and enable it.

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#3. Clear The Bluetooth Cache

Most of us are familiar with the concept of clearing out a cache when our tablets or personal computers start to experience untimely issues, but did you know that the same remedy can work wonders when your Bluetooth is not working? When information that is not necessary to the day to day function of your Bluetooth has been allowed to take up all of the storage space in your cache, this will often keep the Bluetooth from operating in the proper manner.

Experiencing LG G6 Bluetooth problems or issues? Already tried to restart the device and toggle the Bluetooth switch off and on? This is a definite sign that your cache may be too full of unnecessary files for the Bluetooth to function at its proper capacity. For best results, clear the cache so that you can maximize your Bluetooth speed and performance going forward.

#4. Visit a LG Service

When all else fails and none of the aforementioned solutions are fixing the problem of your Bluetooth not working, it is time to enlist the professionals to assist you. If a LG device like LG G6 is experiencing problems that are related to the Bluetooth and none of the more commonly prescribed solutions are providing you with any relief, you will need to speak with an experienced LG service that has handled Bluetooth problems and issues like yours in the past so you can receive a speedy resolution.

LG services are designed to provide customer satisfaction in a timely fashion, while also keeping them from attempting more complicated smartphone repair methods on their own. Not only do LG service exist to offer helpful repair when you are facing with LG G6 Bluetooth problems, but they can save you from yourself when it comes to trying your hands at repairs that are a bit more complicated than expected.

With the help of these solutions, you can get rid of your LG G6 Bluetooth problems once and for all and keep your Bluetooth running at peak capacity at all times, so be sure to keep this helpful guide in mind going forward.