How to Fix iPhone SE Touch Screen Not Working / Not Responding

Apple has released a new small 4inch phone with powerful specs for its fans. The newest Apple phone is called iPhone SE and it is the most powerful 4inch phone ever. This phone has the same design as iPhone 5 or 5S and it is cheaper than previous iPhone models.

iPhone SE has .One of the biggest highlights of the new iPhone SE is that it comes with 2GB of RAM, making it faster and smoother and 16 or 32 GB of internal storage. When it comes to cameras, the primary camera of iPhone SE is 12MP f/2.2, 29mm with phase detection autofocus, and a dual-LED (dual tone) flash. While front facing camera is 1.2MP for videos and selfies.

However, sometimes iPhone SE touch screen is not working or responding so buyers have asked us if this problem can be fixed. So, in this article I have show for you three solution which will fix iPhone SE Touch screen not working problem.

How to Fix iPhone SE Touch Screen not Working / Responding

1. Restart the iPhone

The first and most successful method or solution to fix iPhone SE touchscreen is not working or not responding is to restart it.  If you are a newbie at Apple phones then perhaps you do not know how to restart the phone.

2. Clean the Screen

The 2nd solution to fix iPhone SE Touch screen not responding is to clean the screen of the iPhone SE. If the iPhone SE Touchscreen has many fingerprints or oily spots it is recommended to use a soft, lint-free cloth to gently wipe the screen. You can use water, mild soap or alcohol but you should not use window cleaner or other chemical cleaners on your iPhone SE because you can damage its display.

3. Remove Screen Protector or Case

This can be the best solution if the methods from above don’t work. Markets are now completely filled with many screen protectors or cases which have low quality and they can cause that your iPhone SE touchscreen is not working.

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Keep in mind: If the touch screen of your iPhone SE is cracked or broken, the touchscreen may not work. So, you have to buy a new touch screen for iPhone SE and to repair yourself, or you can send to the Apple store and they will fix it for a reasonable price.

Those were all solutions to fix iPhone SE Touch Screen not Working or Not Responding. If you have any questions do not hesitate to use the comments section.