How to Fix iPhone 8 Overheating & Battery Drain Issues with Ease

Lots of Apple phones including here iPhone 8 & 8 Plus in general tend to have battery drain and overheating issues all the time. This happens when you want to cram a lot of technology in a single place. It can be very challenging to get all the benefits you want in here, and in the end it can be quite an interesting approach to have.

But the reality is that you never want to focus solely on what causes the issue. You want to find solutions and finding those can be extremely hard to do right off the bat. It can work to your own advantage if you know how to tackle problems like this beforehand.

How to Fix iPhone 8 Overheating and Battery Drain Issues

  • Close Running Apps

With this you may be able to solve the iPhone 8 Overheating or Battery Drain issue very fast. The idea is that the more apps you have, the more overheating issues and battery drain problems you will deal with. Use just a single app all the time. This will place a lot less pressure on your device. Use that to your own advantage.

  • Disable or Uninstall Bloatware Apps

There’s no denying that most brand phones tend to have their own apps preinstalled. It’s not that big of a deal, but the problem is that it can be quite demanding on the phone. This can lead to Overheating or Battery Drain issues, and that’s the type of thing that you want to avoid regardless of the situation. Disabling or uninstalling these can indeed work to your own advantage, so use that the right way!

  • Turn of Unused Services when you do not use them (Wifi, Bluetooth and so on)

Most of the time, the iPhone 8 Overheating or Battery Drain issue comes from letting unused services on. From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth or data connectivity, these can eat up a ton of battery life. You obviously want to avoid all of that, and the best way you can do such a thing is to just open up services like this when you need them!

  • Reduce Screen Brightness and Sleep Time

Screen brightness can lower the battery levels quite a lot, the brighter you have the screen the more impact it will be here. What you have to keep in mind here is that you can reduce this issue and its problems. What you can do is to reduce the screen brightness at around 50% instead of the full 100%. And then you can also put a faster sleep time. You don’t want the display to be always on.

  • Update Applications and Software

Many apps are created to deal with battery loss issues in mind, but others receive updates concerning this issue most of the time. Also, the Apple apps also tend to receive security updates too. So this is yet another incentive that should make you upgrade as fast as you can. It’s not hard to update apps either, most of the time you can do this automatically from the Settings window. But it will be worth it, since it can offer you the very best experience that you always wanted and it works more than ok in the end.

  • Remove Case

The approach doesn’t have to be too drastic however. You will find that removing the case when you encounter the iPhone 8 Overheating or Battery Drain issue can also help a lot. The idea is to have patience and to know what you are doing. It’s not going to work right away all the time, but it can be worth it and that’s the thing that matters the most in the end. Remove the case, let the device receive the proper aeration and you will like the way it will cool down.

  • Avoid direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can be problematic for your iPhone 8. And it can indeed be the Overheating or Battery Drain issue creator. That’s why we recommend you to avoid direct sunlight, keep your phone somewhere safe.

These are all ideas that will help you deal with the iPhone 8 Overheating or Battery Drain issue in no time. Make sure that you start applying them as fast as possible, because results can be amazing in the end. As long as you do that, you will find that the experience on its own can be downright outstanding.