How to Fix Lags on Huawei P10 | P10 Plus Instantly [Speed Up]

The Huawei flagship, has definitely built an awesome Android smartphone with great design, impressive features and powerful specifications. If you have bought Huawei P10 | P10 Plus then you really have made the best choice.Huawei P10 LagsWhen it comes to speed, Huawei P10 is offered with 4GB of Ram while Huwaei P10 Plus with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage but also with 6GB of Ram and 128GB of Internal Storage. However, if you are experiencing with lags on Huawei P10 | P10 Plus then you are not alone.

For some users lags on Huawei P10 | P10 Plus is a problem but if your really want to play popular online games which requires huge performances on your Huawei phone then you should fix this problem immediately.

How to Fix Lags on Huawei P10 | P10 Plus & Speed Up

Turn Off Animations

The best way to fix Huawei P10 | P10 Plus lags is by turning off animations. This process will also speed up your Huawei P10 so, check the steps from below for more details.

  1. Grab your Huawei P10 | P10 Plus and unlock it.
  2. Then, from the home screen go to Settings >> General Management >> Software info and from there enable Developer Options.
  3. Once, you have enabled Developer Options, go to developer options, scroll down and find the following options: Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.
  4. In the end, just set each of the above options to 0.5x

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Disable/Uninstall Pre-Installed apps

If the above solution does not fix lags on Huawei P10 | P10 Plus then you need to uninstall Pre-Installed apps which come installed from different carriers. This operation requires to have Huawei P10 | P10 Plus with root access otherwise this operation cannot be completed.

  1. Download Root Uninstaller on your Huawei P10 | P10 Plus and give it root permissions from the Superuser app.
  2. Then, launch the application and select apps which come pre-installed from network carriers.
  3. Now, just tap on the uninstall option and you’re done.

Hard/Factory Reset Huawei P10 | P10 Plus

The last solution which should fix lags on Huawei P10 | P10 Plus is to perform a hard reset on your phone. Also, we should not forget to say that hard reset is useful if your Huawei P10 is showing force close apps, overheating issues and much more.

That’s it; Now you have learned how to fix Huawei P10 | P10 Plus Lags and speed it up at the same time. If you have any other questions then please feel free to post them in comments area.