Download & Install Google Pixel & Pixel XL USB Drivers (ADB+ Fastboot)

In this we will show you how to properly download and install the latest Google Pixel & Pixel XL USB Drivers and AD Fastboot on your Personal Computer. If you came from iOS devices then you might not exactly what is USB Drivers or ADB Fastboot software. Well, once you have installed Google Pixel USB Drivers or ADB Fastboot on your PC you will be able to transfer different files such as images, videos, APKs, documents.Google Pixel USB Drivers

The device also needs to be connected to the computer when you want to unlock Google Pixel bootloader, root it, install custom recovery images, MODs, or upgrade the device to a newer version of Android OS. So, without Google Pixel & Pixel XL USB Drivers installed on your PC you cannot move files on PC or even be a developer.

Installing Google Pixel USB Drivers or ADB Fasboot is quite an easy process as all what you have to do is to check the steps from below and you’re done. Also, we should not forget to say that installing USB Drivers on your PC is official from Google which means that you will not lose the warranty of your phone.

Download Google Pixel & Pixel XL USB Drivers (ADB+ Fastboot)

  • First of all, you need to download Motorola Device Manager software from here on your PC.
  • Then, open the software and click Next.Google Pixel USB Drivers
  • Now, you need to accept the terms of the license agreement of Motorola Device Manger and click next.Google Pixel USB Drivers
  • The installation process will start and in the end click close.Google Pixel USB Drivers

That’s it; Now you know where you can download Google Pixel and Pixel XL USB Drivers + ADB Fastboot. If you have any questions place them on the comments section.