Common Xiaomi Mi Mix Problems & How to Fix Them

While Lenovo and Huawei may by the most known Chinese smartphone company makers there is also the Xiaomi company. The Xiaomi flagship is pretty new in the business as it started to built smartphones with high end specifications very late. The most powerful and newest phablet at the same time from the Xiaomi company is Xiaomi Mi Mix.Xiaomi Mi Mix Problems

This smartphone or phablet call it as you want comes with a 6.4-inch screen, packed with 4GB or 6GB of Ram and is offered in the 128 or 256 GB variant. In the back you can find a 16MP primary camera while front facing camera is 6MP which is quite good for selfies and videos calls.

However, as with other smartphones there are also problems with Xiaomi Mi Mix devices which means that this smartphone is not perfect as it has also its shortcomings. Many people who have bought Xiaomi Mi Mix are facing with different software and hardware related issues. If you are one of them then, do not worry as from below you can find the common Xiaomi Mi Mix problems and ways to fix them.

Common Xiaomi Mi Mix Problems & How to Fix Them

How to Fix Xiaomi Mi Mix WiFi Problems

Owners of Xiaomi Mi Mix have mentioned slow WiFi performance, drops, or speeds so slow they can’t even load a simple website like Google or Facebook or any other website.

To get rid of Xiaomi Mi Mix wifi problems it’s a good idea to reset the wireless routers or modem. But, if you already have tried this option and it has not worked then you need to go ahead with the following steps:

  • Go to Settings >> Connections > WiFi.
  • Now, your device will automatically scans for available networks and will display them on your phone.
  • When the fist scanning has ended, tap for a few seconds on the WiFi you want to connect and forget it.
  • Then, tap on the same network you want to connect and you’re done. When you select an open network, you are automatically connected to the network. Otherwise, you need to enter a password to connect.

How to Fix Xiaomi Mi Mix Bluetooth Problems

Some users who are having Bluetooth problems with their Xiaomi Mi Mix phones have found a solution by rebooting or restarting the smartphone.

But, if this option does not work for you then the best way to fix that issue is to clear data and cache. For people who are newbie at Android devices they may not know that by clearing cache you will delete all settings that go along with that service or app.

How to Fix Xiaomi Mi Mix Battery Life Problems

The Xiaomi Mi Mix is packed with a non-removable 4400mAh battery but a number of users are having issues with poor battery performance. But, if you bought that last two days or week than it is normal that the battery will drain fast since the smartphone is updating or install new applications.

But, if has been a while since you’ve bought this smartphone then, you really have some curious problems with the battery life. So, from below we have listed some possibility solutions which might help you to save the battery life or restore it as in the first day you bought it.

  • Reduce the screen brightness of your Xiaomi Mi Mix or set it to the automatically option.
  • If you do not know screen timeout is a feature which automatically turn off your smartphone when you are not using it. So, ensure that your Xiaomi Mi Mix has a screen time between 15 – 30 seconds.
  • Services such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS (Location), and other features consume much battery juice. Thus, it is preferable from Android and Xiaomi developers to enable the mentioned services only when you need them.
  • Since Android is an open source operating system you can open many applications at the same time and some of them might run on background. This means that even if you have locked up your Xiaomi phone, the applications are still running on it.
  • If none of the above methods does not improve Xiaomi Mi Mix battery life then the only way to fix that is to factory reset your smartphone. However, keep in mind that this will erase everything from your smartphone.

How to Fix Xiaomi Mi Mix Charging Problems

If your Xiaomi Mi Mix is not charging properly then it is preferable to check if your USB Cable is in good condition. Also, you can check if your charging cable is damaged by charging other Xiaomi phones for a couple of minutes.

If the above solution does not fix your not charging problem then it seems that the USB port of your phone might be bricked or it contains dirt, oil and other things that can stop charging. So, using clean the USB port at first using a toothpaste or a toothpick in order to remove impurities.

How to Fix Xiaomi Mi Mix Overheating Problems

The Xiaomi company will start rolling out Android Nougat update for Xiaomi Mi Mix devices and if your phone is now based on Nougat OS this might be the primary reason why you are facing with Xiaomi Mi Mix overheating problems.

Also keep in mind that if you have rooted your Xiaomi smartphone and installed any MOD or ROM then this might be another reasons why you are experiencing with the mentioned problem. In this case the best choice is to downgrade your Xiaomi Mi Mix from Android 7.0 Nougat to its default OS.

Congratulations; Now you know how to fix almost all Xiaomi Mi Mix problems with ease. If you have any other problem with Xiaomi Mi Mix or want to ask us anything do not hesitate to use the comments field.