Can Android phones get viruses?

We have recieved a lot of qustions that Can Android Phones get viruses ?
Android is largest Operating System and also the Best.

 Can Android phones get viruses ?

This question is very polular and a lot of people want to know if  can Android phones get viruses.
No your phone can’t recieve viruses, you don’t need to be  worry, but sometimes you can get malware from illegimate  software so if you download any software that isn’t from Google  Play Store you can get malware because those markets are not  trusted.

Can Android Phones Get Viruses

So What is Android Malware?

According to Lookout Mobile Security an Android Malware is a software designed secretely control your Android Phone.
Malware can steal your private information (passwords) and also to steal your Credit Card information.

How can i recieve malware? 

Your device can recieve malware if you download softwares from unknown sources so you should every time to Download apps or games only from trusted sources such Google Play Store.
If an app is Paid in Google Play Store and you have downloaded this app for free in this case this app maybe will be a Malware.

How to protect your device from Malwares?

  • Download apps only from Offical Stores for your devices
  • Always look at premission access for specific app is looking for.
  • Download a security app such Lookout and this antivirus will catch all phone viruses.
  • Do not Root Android Device or Jailbreak Apple Devices.