How to Boot into Huawei P10 Recovery Mode

Rebooting into Huawei P10 Recovery mode has never been easier. While, Huawei phones have changed dramatically in terms of design some of the Android opearions stay the same, including here also the method of booting Huawei P10 into Recovery mode.Knowing, how to boot an Android smartphone like Huawei P10 into Recovery mode is one of most useful Android operations that you should know how to perform it. Huawei P10 Recovery ModeRecovery mode is a part of Android OS which lets you customize your Huawei P10 but also perform basic Android operations. For example, if you have ever asked yourself to upgrade to a newer Android OS via a custom ROM, then you should know that in this aspect knowing how to boot it into recovery mode is a must. Furthermore, recovery mode is required if you want to root Huawei P10, flash any MOD, Xposed Framework and so on.

When it comes to basic Android operations, then some of them can be completed via the Recovery Mode menu. With the help of stock recovery mode you can apply official OTA updates, hard reset your Huawei P10, wipe cache in case any app is not working properly, dalvik cache and much more.

How to Boot into Huawei P10 Recovery Mode

Entering recovery mode on Huawei P10 phones is possible by using hardware buttons but there is also an alternative method by using ADB Drivers on your PC.

  1. Grab your Huawei P10/Plus and power it completely.
  2. Now, press both Volume Up and Power buttons or keys at the same time for a few moments (5-10 seconds).
  3. Then, the Huawei P10 Recovery Mode menu should be displayed which means that you have completed this operation successfully.

Tips: Navigating down or up can be performed by using the volume keys of your Huawei P10 smartphone and you can confirm that operation by using the power button.

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These were all the steps that you had to take in order to successfully learn how to boot into Huawei P10 Recovery mode. If you have any questions or want to thank us do not never hesitate to use the comments section.