Best Antivirus for iPad 2015: Do they protect you?

If you’re not running any antivirus on your iPad you’re putting yourself at risk of infection from viruses and other security threats.

There are many antivirus software, but there are only some handful and free. Antivirus detects and removes all known malware, viruses and other security threats to protect all your data from hackers.

We have test five of the best antivirus for iPad in 2015 so here is our article of the best iPad virus protection apps.

Best Antivirus for iPad

1. Lookout Mobile Security

The Lookout Mobile Security is one of the best iPad virus protection apps. It has a nice user interface and is easy to use.

It keeps you protected from malwares and unsafe apps. The Lookout Mobile Security scans downloaded apps and blocks known phishing pages.
It also offers the anti-theft feature, so you can locate you device from anywhere in any time.

If you want extra protection for your iPad such as Automatic Photo Backup, Theft Alerts and Manage multiple devices from one account  you need to pay 2.99 for a month or $29.99 per year.

Compatibility: iOS 6.0 or later.

2. McAfee Security (Free)

McAfee Security has great virus protection for iPad and other iOS devices. This antivirus removes infected files and other files that can harm your iPad.

The McAfee Security has a clean interface and It’s very easy to use. It protects your photos and videos that can not be opened without a PIN. It also has a CaptureCam so It can catch a thief phone on multiple wrong Vault PIN entries.
With McAfee Security, you can locate your iPhone or iPad on a map on their Website.

Compatibility: iOS 6.0 or later.

It’s a great antivirus for iPad I recommend. 

3. Norton Antivirus

Then Norton Antivirus is another antivirus for iPad. This antivirus has a unique design, It looks modern and It is very easy to use.

The Norton Antivirus has good protection in most areas. It protects your iPad from viruses and other similar threats. A tiny window will pop up letting you know a virus has been detected or removed.

You can locate your phone using the map. It also includes a ringing Alarm feature in case the device is lost, you also can backup all your contacts and restore them on your device.

Compatibility: iOS 6.0 or later.

4. Trend Micro Mobile Security

The VirusBarrier is also another antivirus for iPad. It stops malwares and other threats before they arrive you.

This antivirus has unique features such as: It protects your privacy on Facebook, Blocks dangerous unsafe and phishing websites, Backup and transfer your contacts on your device, and manages your data usage and costs.

It also includes the anti-theft feature. However, this antivirus for iPad isn’t free you need to pay $23.99 per year.

Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later.

5. Avira Mobile Security

 Best Antivirus for iPadThe Avira Mobile Security is one of the biggest names in the antivirus industry. It has a clean interface and like Lookout Mobile Security and Norton security it is very easy to use.

This is the greatest virus protection for iPad when your surf web. Avira Mobile Security includes some unique features such as It checks whether your email has been hacked, Remote call option to help you find a lost device for free and OS checker to ensure your iOS is up-to-date.

Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or later.

These are the best antivirus for iPad If you’ve tried any of these apps post a comment and let us know about it.