I use my smartphone as an alarm to help me to wake up in the morning because I’m a heavier sleeper.  Fortunately, there are a lot of Android alarm clocks on the Google Play Store but we picked the best android clock apps available for your android device.

Our list of the Best Android Alarm Clock Apps for 2015 (Free & Paid)

1. Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is the best android alarm clock available on the play store, and It’s also my preferred android clock app. This alarm app, is just amazing for heavier sleepers. It has a friendly alarm clock app and unique design.

The Sleep as Android is a very smart Alarm clock app. It monitors tracks of your sleep activity in anytime you sleep.

You can stop the alarm by scanning the QR code, Shaking your phone and using a captcha.

Sleed as Android is also an app which allows you to share sleep data in social networks. The app is free to use for two weeks, but then you have to buy the full app for $2.99.

It’s the best android alarm clock app which improves your sleep quality.

2. Timely

Timely is the best android alarm clock app when it comes to designing. It has colorful interface design and the app theme is customizable.

The timely has the best animations I’ve ever seen. You can set the time just by dragging your finger up and down to set alarm times. You can snooze the alarm by pressing the volume keys, you can also manage the time in between snoozes.

This Android Alarm Clock App also includes a clock widget which can be easily re-sized.

Timely is one of the best Android Alarm Clock Apps for Heavy Sleepers.

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3 and up

3. Alarm Clock Xtreme

The Alarm Clock Xtreme is also the best Android Alarm Clock and most downloaded, which is very easy to use, and of course it has useful features like setting multiple alarms and the extra large snooze button.

It also comes with Auto snooze and Built-in Timer. You can use these features for sporting events, games, and work.

The best feature is that phone rings quietly, and the volume increases slightly. You can schedule many alarms, each with your favorite songs or playlists.

It has also a widget with the current alarm setting, where you can add it in the home screen.

4. Alarm Droid

If you need to wake up for work or school, you definitely need an alarm, then your choice is The Alarm Droid which has a unique material design, and It comes with plenty of themes.

You can choose to stop the Alarm ring by flipping, shaking and pressing the power button.

If you don’t want to see advertisements you have to buy the “ad-free” add-on in the app.

5. Puzzle Alarm Clock

The Puzzle Alarm Clock is one of the best Android Alarm Clock Apps when It comes to usability. The Puzzle Alarm Clock is simple and very easy to use.

You can choose four different puzzle patterns, captcha, memory cards and math equation with three difficulty levels that you have to complete to stop the alarm. You can also stop the Alarm with an NFC tag and a QR code, but make sure you use them wisely.

If you’re wanting the best android alarm clock app for 2015, I suggest you to give it a try.

6. Wave Alarm

The Wave Alarm is another android Alarm Clock App developed by Augmented Minds.

Wave Alarm has a digital clock with with weather information. This alarm is different from its competitors. You can stop the alarm just by waving you hands over the phone. The app uses the front facing camera to detect your motion, that means you must have the Wave Alarm open in the foregorund.

Unfortunately I found that the Wave Alarm app wouldn’t respond in a dark room so you can stop the alarm but not with gestures.

The app is free but if you want to have more colors, options and to remove advertiments you have to pay $2.99

 7. AlarmMon

The AlarmMon is the most annoying android alarm clock app I have ever seen. There are many mini games for you to play to turn off the alarm. AlarmMon has many characters like Lengtoo and Tuzki, to make your alarms more fun.

First you have to set an alarm, then you can choose an game, and then you will need to complete the mission to trun off the alarm and to earn points.

With AlarmMon you can also review your personal alarm history, so you can improve your habits.

These were the best android clock apps in 2015. Which one do you use tell us in the comment box

The best android alarm clock App is an app which wakes you up gently without hitting the “Snooze” button too much time in the morning.