Best Battery Saver Apps for Android for 2015

I love very much Android Smartphones because they’re very powerful and come with a lot of features But, unfortunately, the battery of android smartphones drain very fast in some devices.
Google is always working for OS Android software to help users to get the max battery life so the latest Android Version is Android M which offers an improvement in battery life, but only some device will get It.
There are a lot of free Battery Saver Apps for Android in Google Play Store but Today we’re going to tell you the best battery saver apps for android to extend the battery life in your device.

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2015

Battery Apps for Android

Du Battery Saver is one of the best battery saver apps for android phones and tablets that makes your battery life much longer.

This battery saver app has a lot of unique features one of them is that It shows you what apps are using power and how much power will be saved by closing apps that is a very useful feature.

Du Battery Saver also comes with three features: Fast Charge, Full Charge and Trickle to charge your android phone healthier and faster.

Du Battery Saver is a free app, but you can buy the Pro Version of Du Battery Saver with Premium Features.

If you are looking for the best battery app saver for android Give Du Battery Saver a try.

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Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2015

Battery Doctor
Battery Saver Apps for Android

Battery Doctor is the most popular battery saver app for android with 330 million users on Android and iOS.

It can disable your WiFi or GPS when you aren’t using them, also It can adjust brightness.

Battery Doctor will tell you how much time your battery will die when your are playing games, sending files via Bluetooth, surfing, working.

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Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2015


Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

It improves your battery life in intelligent ways. It automatically adjusts settings to extend battery life for a longer time.

Avast Battery Saver is very friendly and It’s very easy to use, There are 4 Smart Profiles that you can activate: Night, Home Work and Emergency.

Example. If you will activate Night Mode the Avast Battery Saver will automatically Turn Off Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth and Call Vibration.Those smart profiles can be activated based on battery level, location and time.


Battery Saver 2

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Battery Saver 2 Is another battery saver that detects apps which use a lot of power and permanently stops them to drain too much battery life.

You can clean up memory with only one touch “Optimize” Button to extend battery life.

It will notify you when your phone is charged to 20%, 30%, 50%, 70% and 100%.

Download Battery Saver 2 

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

Juice Defender is another battery saver App for Android which can extend your battery life for long periods of time. It has more than 7 million downloads and people are rating It with 5 Stars in Google Play Store.

This battery saver app can automatically turn off mobile data, and lets you control Wi-Fi and CPU Speed.

By using Juice Defender, there are features such Smart Brightness, Bluetooth Control with Automatic Reconnect.

This app is free but if you want more special features you can purchase the Pro or Ultimate Version.

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