Nowdays Smartwatches are replacing Phones with their features to take photos, record video, make calls, measure your Hear Rate and also your smartphone’s content.
Apple Watch is a beautiful device or I can say you can see this kind of smartwatch very rarely.

The Apple Watch comes in six different models: Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Edition and the Apple Watch Sport which is packed with fitness software.
Those six different models also come with larger and smaller device so Apple thought for his Fans also about Size.
The body of Apple Watch is made from Gold, Steel and Aluminum. It’s paired with a Standart Strap that lets you replace with any kind of leather or steel it depends on where are you going to any Party or Gym.

Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch 3 Models

The Apple Watch is good construed It’s rounded in back and it feels perfectly nice.
While are you scrolling the screen it feels smooth and It has a responsive touch screen. According to PCPRO, you can manage your smart watch by wheeling through the onscreen options.
The larger model is 48mm and the smaller model is 38mm it depends if you are man or woman.
It has four lenses with two emitters and also two sensors.

Apple Watch Features Review

Apple Watch Group

Also on the Rear of the Watch apple has build a Led Sensor to measure your Hear Rate, but here isn’t the end also Apple has designed a special software for Health and Gym to track Steps from Accelerometer, time sitting, climbing, running and cycling.

Apple said that Watch is not Waterproof but according to Yahoo Its only Water Resistant so you can take It in shower.

Apple Watch Apps

It supports Siri and Apple Pay, You can use Apple Pay because It includes an NFC Chip so you can make Payment when you’re buy anything in market but before you want to purchase it requires a code to you so if you don’t know the code you won’t be able to use It.
It’s in Compatibility with latest iPhone model: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5.

Apple Said that you can use Apple Watch at least 18 hours so you need to charge every day to use it. To charge fully the Apple Watch you need to keep it in charge over 2.5 hours.

You can Pre-Order or you can see the Apple Watch from 10 April in the Apple Stores, But you can’t Buy or Recieve the Order until 24 April.

The Price will start from £349 for a Sport Watch
The Apple Watch will cost from £479
And the last Model of Apple Watch which is Apple Watch Edtion will cost from £8,000 but you could spend up to £15,000 only for a Watch.