10 Best LG G6 Power Banks: Never Run Out of Power Again

When you are in search of the best method for extending the battery life of your mobile device, power banks are growing in popularity due to their ability to provide rapid charging for smartphones and mobile tablets. Let’s take a closer look at the best LG G6 power banks models to find out more about which charging mechanism will work best for your needs.LG G6 Power Bank

#1. RAVPower

The RAVPower is one of the best LG G6 Power Banks that you can buy online. The RAVPower battery pack offers the highest output currently available on the market, making it a great addition for anyone who is in search of the best method for charging two devices simultaneously. The RAVPower bank works more rapidly than other models and allows the user to charge their LG G6 devices in a highly efficient manner.

The security protection design will keep devices from having a chance to soak up too much current and thanks to the helpful LED displays, you will have the chance to monitor the charging status of each device. The RAVPower also has a massive capacity and a much higher output than most other phone chargers on the market.

#2. Anker

For those who seek a LG G6 power bank that is lightweight and easily portable, the Anker will certainly fit the bill. Did you know that this power bank weighs as little as a soup can? Even though it may appear to be small and inconsequential, it can charge an LG G6 in short order, thanks to its VoltageBoost and PowerIQ features.

The Anker also comes with a 2 amp charger that allows it to recharge itself in half the amount of time that it takes for most power banks to recharge themselves. If there are any worries about safety, the Anker has got you covered, thanks to its MultiProtect safety system that provides complete and total protection not only for LG G6 but also for all of the devices that you are attempting to charge.

#3. Jackery

If you are the type of person who needs a reliable power bank to charge all of your LG devices including here┬áLG G6 as well while traveling for work, the Jackery offers you the chance to purchase the world’s smallest battery charger for external usage. It is perfect for those long flights when you are in need of additional battery power and will definitely come in handy on longer road trips.

The Jackery works equally well, whether you are the owner of an LG or any other Android device. The aluminum casing and shell casing offers maximum protection while you are traveling and thanks to its powerful charging capacity, the Jackery can keep your LG G6 charged as many as 1.5 times. Few devices can match the Jackery’s speed or portability.

#4. EasyAcc

The EasyAcc is definitely one of the best LG G6 Power Banks when it comes in terms of price and warranty. When you are in search of the best power bank, millions of people can’t be wrong, as the EasyAcc offers customers the chance to test out their power bank and receive a hassle free replacement should they experience any issues or a money back guarantee within 18 months if they do not experience the satisfactory results that they desire.

The EasyAcc is designed with the use of smart technology and this power bank knows exactly how much energy to dedicate to the charging of your personal devices. Not only does this smart technology serve to charge your LG G6 more rapidly, but it will also detect when the LG G6 device is finished charging and effectively prevents overcharging from potentially taking place.

#5. Amazon

The Amazon power bank is designed for maximum usability. It is lightweight and powered with the use of lithium batteries for added safety. It comes equipped with multiple ports so that users can charge LG G6 smartphones simultaneously and thanks to its awesome charging power, this power bank has the ability to charge your LG G6 over 7 times before it requires additional power.

The helpful LED indicator also serves as a valuable tool that lets you know when your device is in need of additional power. There are four different LED lights to indicate four different levels of power, letting you know if your phone is at 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent or 100 percent. As an added bonus, Amazon provides customers with a one year warranty. If you are looking for the best LG G6 Power Banks with high mAh capacity then you should definitely buy this one.

#6. Aibocn

Thanks to the Aibocn, power bank users are given access to a handheld charging device that offers a sizable capacity. If you need a power bank that can charge your LG G6 and your tablet at the same time, the Aibocn is able to meet your requirements. This power bank is also equipped with a backup flashlight that comes in handy during your camping or hiking trips, making this power bank the best choice for the outdoorsy types.

#7. ZILU

The ZILU is a great LG G6 power bank when you are seeking a device that can live in your pocket at all times. In addition to its easy portability, this power bank is environmentally friendly and gives off a very low amount of heat. If safety issues are a primary concern, the ZILU is subjected to the most rigorous examinations in the entire industry.

#8. Innogie

There are often concerns when purchasing a power bank regarding their compatibility with numerous devices. The Innogie stands out among the crowd of power banks and appeals to those who are in search of a cool design. In addition to its safety and intelligent design, the Innogie power bank comes with a nifty looking alien face that allows you to stand apart from the crowd.

#9. JETech

LG G6 users can both enjoy all of the benefits that the JETech power bank has to offer and its universal fit makes it especially useful. This power bank also comes equipped with a built in flash light and a premium aluminum case to ensure total and complete safety while traveling. This device can easily be slid into a pocket or bag without taking up too much space.

#10. Zendure

According to no less of an authority than PC Advisor, the Zendure power bank has been named the top power bank for the last four years running. Fans of the Zendure have been following its progress ever since it was a Kickstarter project and with its unique charge through feature that allows you to charge all of your devices with just one wall charger, this device definitely stands alone from its counterparts.

These were all the best and most-selling LG G6 Power Banks that you can buy right now from Amazon. Tell us which one do you prefer and reason why using the comments section.