Download Google Voice Access 1.0.1 APK File for Android

Google has now released Google Voice Access 1.0.1 APK File for Android phones. For people who are not familiar with this app then you should know its potential benefits.

With Google Voice Access APK you can control or command your phone just by your voice. But how it can be used? Well, for example you can use Google Voice Access to get google maps directions, open different browsers. You can also navigate around the phone, or interact with the screen by saying “click next” or “scroll down.”

Even though Google Voice Access 1.0.1 APK has been released the app is still in stage phase. However, if you are still interested to get a taste of the Google Voice Access then you can download it from the button which is located below.

Download Google Voice Access 1.0.1 APK

Download Google Voice Access APK 1.0.1

How to Activate Google Voice Access APK

  1. Download the latest version of Google Voice Access (1.0.1) and install it.
  2. Then, Go to Settings > Accessibility and Enable Voice Access.
  3. Now, from there go to Settings > Google> Search & Now> Voice> “OK Google” detection, and switch on “from any screen” option.
  4. Lastly, Say “OK, Google” to enter the phone into listening mode, then just say “Start Voice Access” to activate Google Voice Access.

Note: We at Techxat have only extracted this app from Google Play Store. So, it is guaranteed from us that the Google Voice Access 1.0.1 APK is 100% clean and safe for a daily use.