The best Online Virus Scan for your PC or Phone

Now days there are a lot of Viruses, Worms or Trojans that could corrupt or delete all of your data in your Computer and some of the viruses or trojans can erase everything on your hard-disk also now days we can receive some viruses which can steal our credit card details.

Don’t Forget a virus will be available and will do his work only when your computer is on.

Online Virus Scan for your Windows PC

There are a lot of Antivirus software some of them are 30 Days Free Trail and you have to pay for a Year to be activated where you can scan your Computer to find viruses, trojans but all of them have a large download size so if your connection is slow or anything else here is an Online Virus Scan.

VirusTotal is one of the best Online Virus Scan that It’s free and lets you find all viruses, trojans and all kinds of malware.
In VirusTotal, you have to click Choose File and to select any File or Folder you want to know if it’s infected from malware.
Also when you wants to download any App, Game or anything else you can click Url in VirusTotal and then to paste in blank space and then you have to click Scan It and automatically will notify you if your app is ready to download and it doesn’t have any kind of the latest virus.

VirusTotal is the Best Online Virus Scan

VirusTotal which is known like Online Virus Scan can Scan Zip or WinRAR up 128MB. Also, you can use VirusTotal with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and You can use this Online Virus Scan in all Android Devices.